Party Running Low on Cash

The Sangkum Thmei party has been forced to spread its limited campaigning resources thinly this week.

In contrast to the traffic-stopping rallies staged by larger parties, Sunday saw a procession of three trucks carrying about 30 Sangkum Thmei supporters around Pong Tuk commune in the capital’s Dangkao district. Few people gathered to watch.

The party’s Secretary-General Om Radsady visited houses in the commune for five minutes apiece, then led prayer at a popular pagoda there,Wat Sleng.

“The party decided to provide food for the monks because we cannot afford to make donations to supporters,” Om Radsady ex­plained

It also proves the party stands for peace and respects the Bud­dhist religion, he added.

Meanwhile, party President Loy Sim Chheang, the National As­­sembly’s first vice president, was reported to be campaigning in Kompong Cham province.


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