Party Descends Into Chaos, Leaving 3 Dead

A Saturday night house party in Phnom Penh’s Dangkao district descended into insults and bloodshed, pitching five renters against 30 neighbors armed with sticks, machetes and rocks, and leaving three people dead, police said.

Yom Somol, 24, and Thach Ra, 20, two of the five house tenants, who were all employees of the CSN Security Service firm, were beaten to death by the mob of villagers, while local man Van Phat, 27, was killed by the security guards, deputy district police chief Chhup Sokheng said Monday.

The clash began when words were exchanged between the partying security guards and Van Phat, leading to him being vi­ciously beaten with sticks and stones, and then dying later in the hospital from his injuries, Chhup Sokheng said.

Locals rallied in strength against the guards, leading to one guard being beaten to death at the party and the second dying later in the hospital, Chhup Sokheng said, adding that the aunt and uncle of Van Phat have been arrested.

“They were involved in beating the two security guards to death; we’ll send them to court after the legal documents are complete,” he said. “It was a small party, but it caused one villager and two security guards to be killed,” he added.

“This problem always happens in this area since most people come from the provinces to work, such as factory workers, and they are always holding parties on the 5th and 6th of the month—the period when they get their salary.”

District military police chief Chim Rithy said that four guards were also detained and are being held at the municipal military police headquarters.

“Two people from the villagers side and two people from the security guards side were also injured. The police found two bloody meat cleavers, four bloody sticks, and a few bloody stones at the scene,” Chim Rithy said.

Investigations are continuing to find out who started the fighting, he said.

Loeung Ly, Choam Chao commune deputy police chief, said witnesses to the killing said the guards killed the local man first, and then a mob of locals and garment factory workers killed two of the guards.

The five guards lived together in one rented room in a 15-room building, he added.

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