Parents Seek Compensation for Crash That Killed Picnickers

The parents of seven teen-agers who died or were injured when a car careened through their picnic last month have asked a judge for $10,000 each during a mediation session at Phnom Penh Muni­cipal Court.

“This was an intentional crash. The offender drove around [the scene] four times before the accident,” said Kim Jor, father of Kim Chanta, 15, one of the teens who died in the Feb 11 accident at a Phnom Penh park.

The seven teen-agers were re­laxing on the grass near Sotheros Boulevard Feb 11 when a black Toyota Camry careened through the park and slammed into them, Phnom Penh Deputy police Chief Bith Kim Hong said.

Witnesses said the driver jumped out of the vehicle and fled, Bith Kim Hong said.

Thai Chanta, 18, and Kim Chanta were killed instantly, Bith Kim Hong said. The surviving teens were rushed to lo­cal hospitals. Both Chieng Vi­cheka, 16, and Choup Socheat, whose age was unavailable, died later at Bayon Hospital.

Seng Srey Nath, 17, and Chieng Lakana, 18, were both injured, while 20-year-old Meng Hong had to have both of his legs amputated, police officer Chev Hak said.

Duing Monday’s mediation, the parents asked for compensation from Long So Paul, the owner of the vehicle. The parents are also asking the courts to ar­rest Chea Suon He, the alleged driver, and charge him with intentional murder. Authorities allege that Long So Paul’s brother-in-law, Toun Vy Shal, stole the car and drove it to the riverside.

While Toun Vy Shal was talking to a friend, Chea Soun He took the car from Tuon Vy Shal and drove it into the picknicing teens, police said.

Tuon Vy Shal and Chea Soun were friends who attended Tuol Tumpoung High School.


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