Parents of Children Shot by Police Seek Damages

Parents of two young men shot dead by Prampi Makara district po­lice earlier this month have filed a complaint to the Phnom Penh Mu­ni­­cipal Court seeking $10,000 in dam­ages and punishment for the  officers, officials said Mon­day.

Ly Khim Lay, mother of Heng Sokty, 20, and Than Sokun, father of Than Chanvuthy, 17, filed the complaint on Wednesday.

Municipal Court Prosecutor Ouk Savouth said he has received the complaint and will investigate.

Than Chanvuthy and Heng Sok­ty were shot dead by district police at around 10 pm on Jan 10 after al­leg­edly trying to rob a mechanic of his mobile phone in front of Leang Chhong money exchange in O’Rus­sei II commune, Prampi Ma­ka­ra district police chief Yim Sim­ony said.

He added that Heng Sokty, Than Chanvuthy and seven others used a pistol during the robbery, which one of the group pointed at police, who opened fire in self defense.

“The victim shouted for help. It was a robbery,” Yim Simony said.

Ly Khim Lay and Than Sokun denied their sons were involved.

“We, father and mother of the victims, deeply regretted to learn that police committed such an act against our children who are students and who did not commit such an act,” they said in their com­pli­ant.

They added that their children were killed because of a misunderstanding between police and the group.

“My son was very gentle and obe­dient,” Ly Khim Lay said in an in­terview. “How does the government deal with police when they violate the law?” she asked.

“It was too cruel. Police should not have killed them if they did some­thing wrong,” Than Sokun said by telephone.

Two witnesses to the shooting said on condition of anonymity Mon­­day that they saw the group of men argue then scuffle with the mechanic, who called for help.

Police arrived and the group tried to flee, the witnesses said, add­ing that police shot the pair in the back after they ignored warnings not to run away.





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