Opposition Lawmaker To Receive Medal in US

Senior Sam Rainsy Party member Mu Sochua left Phnom Penh on Monday for Washington,  where she is to receive an award from US Senator Hillary Clinton, wife of former US president Bill Clinton, for her anti-trafficking work in Cambodia, said San Rithy Duong Hak, cabinet chief for the opposition party.

“She will receive a medal from Clinton’s wife for her brave and hard work in improving women’s and children’s rights in Cambo­dia,” he said Wednesday.

Mu Sochua came to Clinton’s attention during her time as Min­ister of Women’s Affairs, San Rit­hy Duong Hak said.

Mu Sochua is scheduled to stay in the US for two to three weeks and plans to meet with US lawma­kers to seek support for three Sam Rainsy Party members who were stripped of immunity on Feb 3.

“She will seek support from US lawmakers to solve the issue of im­munity,” Sam Rithy Duong Hak said. “She will talk about Cheam Channy who is being detained.”

Mu Sochua also plans to visit Cambodian communities living in the US.


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