Opposition Calls On 20,000 to March in Phnom Penh

The opposition CNRP on Monday called for 20,000 supporters to march through Phnom Penh on Friday, two days before the May 18 provincial, municipal and district elections.

“The CNRP doesn’t have a wide broadcasting tool, that is why we have to do this,” said Morn Phalla, CNRP executive chairman for Phnom Penh. “I hope that 20,000 people will participate.”

The government has outlawed gatherings in Phnom Penh since January but Interior Minister Sar Kheng said Monday that the CNRP would be permitted to march as long as the campaign didn’t become a protest.

“We do not think it is necessary to stop them…. However, we won’t allow the combination of the campaign and the protest,” he said. “These two have to be separated as protests come under the law but campaigns come under election law.”

The march is to begin at CNRP headquarters and conclude at the Japanese Friendship Bridge.

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