Opinion: Resources to resist deportation for Khmer Americans and others

As we cherished our loved ones this holiday season, 36 Khmer Americans were about to be oceans apart from their families in a place most have never been before.

Roughly a week before Christmas, these community members were packed on an Omni Air International flight to Cambodia. The 36 Khmer Americans were part of a late summer wave of raids by ICE into our communities, which included the seizure of seven Khmer Americans (knows as the Washington 7, or WA7) from the Seattle-Tacoma area.

Khmer Americans are one of the most vulnerable refugee communities in the U.S. and have endured a continuous cycle of displacement and re-displacement; U.S. bombings, a genocide, an ensuing refugee wave – and now deportation.

In full: https://iexaminer.org/resources-to-resist-deportation-for-khmer-americans-and-others/

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