Opinion: Beware of the Fuhrer’s Fury

Lao Mong Hay is a political analyst who previously headed the NGO Khmer Institute of Democracy.

The man started off as one of the needy,

But he is ambitious and greedy,

Not long before he became so rich and so mighty.

He has assumed a grand title of feudality,

Enjoying pomp and pageantry,

Together with flattery and sycophancy.

To him, adversaries are his enemies to be destroyed without mercy.

He changes the law to obliterate them without pity.

To hell human rights and liberty!

He cares little about honor and dignity.

He sets to rule until he is ninety

And build a dynasty of his family.

His regime is not much different from tyranny.

Spies are everywhere to snoop into your privacy.

His word is law and his men’s duty

To punish any disobedient, even if charges are flimsy.

His reign has created notorious inequality.

Some enjoy prosperity

And are living in luxury,

Grabbing much of the wealth of the country.

Conspicuous spending is visible in the city.

Many are not so lucky.

And are grinding in poverty.

Above is what happened in Hitler’s Germany,

But it may well happen in this country.

Beware of the Fuhrer’s fury

And mind your own safety!

Hitler’s Minister of Justice Franz Gurtner, when firing a judge who questioned the legal basis of the euthanasia program, said to him: “If you cannot recognize the will of the Fuhrer as a source of law, then you cannot remain a judge.”

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Cambodia Daily.

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