Op-Ed: The Kampuchean Lobbyist

State Senator Doug Ericksen is once again pushing the envelope of legislative integrity by signing a $500,000-per-year contract to lobby state and federal lawmakers on behalf of the Cambodian government. This is the Southeast Asian country whose sham elections he observed last July and slavishly declared “legitimate and fair” despite the main opposition party being largely banned from participation.

Cambodia’s brutal dictator Hun Sen, formerly a member of the bloodthirsty Pol Pot regime that murdered more than a million of its people during the 1970s, has maintained an iron grip on that nation’s government since 1985 by outlawing, exiling, incarcerating or killing any significant opponents. Now Ericksen and his partner Jay Rodne will rake in half a million dollars a year to continue trying to polish the heavily tarnished image of Cambodia’s authoritarian leadership.

In full: http://www.cascadiaweekly.com/cw/currents/the_kampuchean_lobbyist

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