One-Star General Allegedly Draws Gun Over Wall Dispute

A complaint has been filed with the Phnom Penh Municipal Court after an RCAF brigadier general allegedly threatened a man with a gun over a dispute involving the construction of a wall, the victim and officials said on Friday.

“I sent the complaint to the mu­nicipal military police office on Thursday,” Daun Penh district military police chief Thorng Piseth said.

Hak Channy, an assistant to Senate President Chea Sim, alleged on Friday that Brigadier General Lao Tong Haing pointed a gun at him because the general’s relatives, who own property behind his sister’s shop in Daun Penh district, had been prevented from building a new wall after objections the construction was too close to the shop.

“When he [Brig Gen Tong Haing] came into the shop I asked him if he wanted some help,” Mr Channy claimed. “Then he got angry at me and pointed his gun at me.”

According to Mr Channy, the gen­eral began counting to three, in what appeared to be a count down to shooting, but then stopped at the number two before leaving the shop and getting into his car and driving away. “I filed a complaint to the Phnom Penh Muni­cipal Court,” Mr Channy added.

Brig Gen Tong Haing could not be reached for comment.

Mr Channy’s mother, Neang Mey, 78, who witnessed the incident, said the general had been around earlier in the day asking questions about the shop.

“The suspect pointed the gun at Channy, and I pulled his shirt and shouted, ‘Don’t shoot, ‘don’t shoot,’” she said.

Phsar Thmei III commune chief Buth Thida, said she had ordered the local police authorities to protect Mr Channy’s family and referred questions to the district military police, who are investigating the case.


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