One Child Still in Hospital Due to Tainted Sandwiches

Only one child remained hospitalized Wednesday after a group of about 800 people fell ill from food poisoning caused by tainted sandwiches served at a World Vision event in Siem Reap province on Saturday, a spokesman for the NGO said.

“As of today, only one patient [aged] 10 years-old still remains in Komar Angkor Hospital,” with diarrhea and a fever, Channpheaktra Hong, public relations officer for World Vision, said in an email.

Mr. Hong said the organization still had staff monitoring Chi Kreng district, where the event took place.

“Our staff in the community will continue to follow-up with those patients about their condition,” he said.

Following the spate of food poisoning, samples of the sandwiches were sent to Phnom Penh for inspection by economic crimes police to determine what caused the sickness.

Mr. Hong said World Vision expected to receive results within a month.

“We heard from Health Ministry officials that the results may take about four weeks from the day they collected the samples, on Sunday,” he said.

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