On the 28th anniversary of the Comprehensive Cambodian Peace Agreement in Paris, Long Beach Cambodians look back on the war’s impact

Signal Hill resident Cindy Choi remembers the single women in her Cambodian village being lined up so Khmer Rouge soldiers could select brides from among them.

“When you are old enough to get married–– when they have a party, call a meeting, they take all the single women and let her be taken by a soldier. You know, the one ‘fighting for liberty for the communists,’” Choi told the Signal Tribune during a phone interview last week. “Those guys come and select you. ‘I like this girl. I like this girl.’ You have to get married to them. You cannot say no. If you say no, you will be in trouble, they will kill you.”

Choi and the other young, unmarried women she was living with at the time had already been separated from their parents by the regime.

In full: https://signaltribunenewspaper.com/44879/community/on-the-28th-anniversary-of-the-comprehensive-cambodian-peace-agreement-in-paris-long-beach-cambodians-look-back-on-the-wars-impact/

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