On Peace Day, Hun Sen Promises Crackdown

Prime Minister Hun Sen on Monday released a three-page open letter on the occasion of the U.N.’s International Day of Peace, praising his own achievements in ending the country’s civil war while vowing to “crack down” on people who commit “tricks” in the name of human rights.

In addition to ending the civil war, which he said was possible due to his own “win-win policy”—encouraging former Khmer Rouge soldiers to lay down their arms without fear of prosecution—Mr. Hun Sen enumerated the government’s other achievements over the past two decades.

He cited economic progress and the government’s work spearheading the Asean Human Rights Declaration as chair of the regional body in 2012.

“The entire Cambodian population is happy in receiving peace and improving their livelihoods from day to day,” he wrote.

“Meanwhile, the Royal Government also has a strong commitment to crack down and prevent all activities and tricks under the auspices of democracy and human rights to serve individual political gain or a handful of people,” he added.

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