On negative journalism

It would be nice if journalists didn’t have to focus on the negatives so often, but it is more important to inform than to feel good.

Why, I am asked occasionally, is my reporting so negative? Don’t you ever have something good to say?

A rather amusing and well-written hit-piece on me, published recently in the Khmer Times (I suspect in response to my own critique of this same Cambodian newspaper published days earlier) put it: “David Hutt is a go-to writer and encyclopedia on all-thing-bad about Cambodia. He can write weekly and has great talent in spotting everything wrong about whatever Cambodia is doing.”

Even though meant sarcastically (and I applaud the sarcastic writing style of whoever the author really was, as well as for them noticing my caustic work-ethic), I would say that I rarely write negatively of Cambodia itself and certainly not of ordinary Cambodians, but only of Cambodian politicians. And on occasions there are good things to say, but it would be nice if Phnom Penh gave us hacks less reason for criticism.

In full: https://asiatimes.com/2020/06/on-negative-journalism/

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