Old Actors Struggle To Find Work

Hong Soth, director of the art department for the Ministry of Culture, admits comedian Suon Bou can’t find work because sponsors think he is too old.

“It hurts the eyes when we see another comedian hit him with a plastic bottle on the head,” Hong Soth said. “It is like a grandchild hitting grandpa’s head.”

Hong Soth said actors and actresses should prepare for when they get old or audiences get tired of  them.

Pen Mary, a young movie actress and video dancer, ag­reed. She said she is paid be­tween $30 and $50 per performance by Khmer Angkor productions.

“It is not enough to buy new clothes and make-up,” Pen Mary said. She makes dresses to earn extra money.

Tep Rindaro is a film star in the prime of his career. “As I am a star, the payment is all right with me,” he said, but added he is already thinking about becoming a producer of shows in the future.


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