Officials Identify, Ban Two More Fake Drugs

Health officials said Thursday that they found two new fake drugs circulating in Cambodian phar­macies in late December, ad­ding to 35 other fake drugs they con­­fiscated over the past few months.

Ung Phirun, Ministry of Health secretary of state, said the ZPC- labeled glucose solution and a another drug called Zin­agin Injection, purportedly pro­duced by the Liyuan Phar­ma­ceutical of China, are fake.

Over the past several months, the ministry has shown advertisements on television warning that drugs made by Thai enterprises Brainy Phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal, A Phar­ma, DP Pharma, SD Pharma and Master Phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal, T O Che­mi­cals, Remy Phar­ma and KB la­boratories are fraudulent.

The now-banned drugs in­clude everything from treatments for typhoid fever, to common an­ti­bi­otics such as penicillin, to vitamins.

Veng Thai, director of the Phnom Penh Municipal Health De­­partment, said that a lot of fake me­dicines are for sale in the city.                        “Fake drugs made from poisons are very dangerous and can kill us,” he said, adding that fraudulent pharmacists use toxins to convince patients that the drugs are not just placebos and that they are having some effect.

Veng Thai said that many people who sell medicine are completely untrained and the public should not buy medicine without first seeing a doctor.


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