Officials Cite Progress in B-40 Attack Probe

Officials have made “some pro­gress’’ in their investigation into the Sept 24 rocket attack on a CPP convoy, but have not decided whether to make the report about the incident public when it is com­pleted, a government spokes­­man said Tues­day.

Information Secretary of State Khieu Kanharith said forces from outside the country may have been involved in the Siem Reap town attack, which killed one by­stander. It was described by government officials as an attempt on the life of Second Prime Mi­nister Hun Sen.

“I do not know the details but, for example, it seems that the TNT was obtained inside Cam­bo­dia and the devices were ob­tained outside the country,” Khieu Kanharith said Tuesday at his office. “There could be something deeper to the attack.”

Khieu Kanharith implied plotters may have received assistance from people outside Cam­bodia.

However, he dismissed recent allegations in the pro-government newspaper Chakraval (Universe) of an alleged US Central Intelli­gence Agency link and suspicious presence of “two Wester­n­ers” near the attack site.

“We must let the police continue their work,” the spokesman said, adding that army, police and intelligence officials are involved in the investigation.

Government investigators and advisers on Tuesday would not reveal any information about the ongoing inquiry.

National Police Director-Ge­neral Hok Lundy on Tuesday referred questions to Lor Ramin, a top anti-terrorism officer who is in charge of the investigation. Lor Ramin, an adviser to Interior co-Mi­nister Sar Kheng, said Tues­day he was not authorized to re­lease information to the press.

Mol Roeup, director of military intelligence and a Hun Sen aide, also would not discuss details about the investigation.

Both men said investigators are continuing their work, but wouldn’t confirm if a report is forthcoming or if police have suspects. Om Yentieng, an adviser to Hun Sen, said he also is not au­tho­rized to release details of the investigation.

An apparently remote-controlled B-40 rocket on Sept 24 narrowly missed a CPP convoy driving to a swearing-in ceremony at the King Norodom Siha­nouk’s royal residence.

Four B-40 rockets had been rigged together and concealed on a platform in the brush near the roadside. The four rockets were connected to go off simultaneously, but for whatever reason—perhaps a heavy early-mor­ning rain—only one laun­ched.

Police officials at the scene said the rocket barely missed a vehicle in the CPP convoy. Senior government officials said the rocket had whizzed just a meter in front of the Land Cruiser occupied by Hun Sen.

Other accounts had the rocket exploding near the back of the CPP convoy, several hundred meters from Hun Sen.

The rocket hit a house at street level and instantly killed a 15-year-old boy.

(Additional reporting Jeff Hodson)




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