Official Denies Theft Allegation

A municipal hospital official has been accused by a newspaper of stealing electricity for three years from the Chamkar Chek hos­pital in Sihanoukville to light his guesthouse and karaoke parlor.

Sok Pheng, director of the Cham­­kar Chek, said the accusation is baseless and that he plans to clarify the matter with the Min­istry of Health, which has laun­ched an investigation of its own.

“It is a misunderstanding. I have never stolen electricity,” said Sok Pheng. The reporter “hates me and is trying to defame me.”

The Khmer-language daily Koh Santepheap (Island of Peace) newspaper published the electricity-scam story Tuesday. Siha­nouk­ville Governor Ith Detola said auth­orities will launch an investigation to determine if the reports are true.

Lim Daramany, inspector general of the inspection department at the Ministry of Health said Thurs­day that his department has also asked for an investigation.

“We have to resolve this issue,” Lim Daramany said.

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