Official Accused of Rape May Be Suspended

Phnom Penh’s deputy chief prosecutor said Sunday he is calling for the temporary suspension of Municipal Anti-Trafficking Po­lice Chief Meng Say, following an accusation of rape against him.

“I issued a letter [and] sent it to co-ministers of the Ministry of In­ter­ior on Friday to temporarily sus­pend Meng Say’s job,” Deputy Pro­secutor Sien Sok Aun said.

Last week, the Phnom Penh Mu­nicipal court issued a summons to Meng Say for questioning after a 46-year-old woman ac­cused the anti-trafficking police chief of raping her, but he did not ap­pear, Sien Sok Aun said.

“He said he was busy, so on Mon­­day we will do it again,” he said.

Meng Say’s superior, Judicial Mu­nicipal Police Chief Reach Sok­hon, said he has not yet received the deputy prosecutor’s letter.

But, he said: “I heard about this story three days ago.”

The alleged victim, Sek Roeun, who said she wished to publicly dis­­close her identity, said by telephone Sunday that Meng Say forced her to drink on the eve­ning of Jan 20, until she was in­toxicated.

She alleged that he then drove her around the city until 1 am, when he took her to a guest house and raped her.

“After he raped me, he gave me $20 and asked me to pay the guest house room fee of $2,” she said.

Sek Roeun said she was a widow and her husband died in 1997.

She was employed as a chef for a Chinese company for two years. But, she said, when she accused Meng Say of rape, she was fired the same day.

“Now I am jobless,” she said.

According to the deputy prosecutor, the alleged victim was em­ployed to work undercover to help investigations in the municipal anti-trafficking unit.

Meng Say said by phone Thurs­­day that the accuser had a per­sonal dispute with him be­cause she once offered him $1,500 to re­lease a trafficking suspect, but he refused and sent the suspect to court.

When asked if he is guilty of the rape, Meng Say answered “This story is a long story.”


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