Notable Quotes, Wednesday Edition

“If you look closely, you even can see that some items still show blood and sweat stains. The conservation work will carefully preserve the textiles without removing this historical evidence. Each piece carries its own history and we recognize how important it is to preserve this story for future generations.”

U.S. Ambassador to Cambodia William Heidt on items from the Khmer Rouge-era Tuol Sleng prison facility which will be preserved thanks to a U.S. grant. (Associated Press)

“If the government makes no move to reconsider its actions in a timely manner, there will be more mass protests [in Cambodia] too.”

Pa Nguon Teang, executive director of the Phnom Penh-based Cambodian Center for Independent Media, on a march in Washington, D.C. that attracted hundreds of overseas Cambodians. (Radio Free Asia)

“With general elections due in July 2018, I call on the Government to restore the space for any Cambodians to exercise the right to stand for election without fear or intimidation.”

Rhona Smith, UN Special Rapporteur on human rights in Cambodia. (United Nations)


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