Notable Quotes, Monday Edition

“…if Cambodia is acting in violation of its obligation under the [European Banking Authority] regulation, the tariff preferences it currently enjoys must be temporarily withdrawn.”

European Union motion condemning the dissolution of the CNRP and calling for an immediate review of Cambodia’s duty free and quota free access to the EU single market. (Voice of America)

“A resolution passed by the U.S. Congress does not mean that the Trump Administration has to follow, just as a resolution passed by the European Parliament does not bind the European Commission to implement it. You [the opposition] need to familiarize yourself with that. Don’t give yourself false hope every day, week, and month like that. Wait and see, and you’ll find out that the world cannot just do whatever you wish.”

Prime Minister Hun Sen responding to E.U. and U.S. sanction threats. (Radio Free Asia)

“It is normal that traitors must be watched.”

Sun Thorn, deputy police chief of Takeo province, after confirming that ex-CNRP officials are all under surveillance in the area. (Voice of America)

“Given the speed with which the Government intends to remove petitioners, the court finds that a temporary restraining order is necessary to stay removal until the court can give proper consideration to the complex issues presented in this action.”

U.S. District Court Judge Cormac Carney granting a temporary restraining order against federal government efforts to deport Cambodian nationals in the U.S. back to Cambodia. (The Press-Telegram)

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