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“It has become routine now that we are under surveillance all the time. When two or three of us meet, we are closely watched. We are now restricted from our political life. We have been persecuted badly and we have been treated as traitors since our party was dissolved.”

Nun Dara, head of the opposition Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP) in Kep, according to Radio Free Asia.

“There’s a flaw in [the US] system. How can you deport someone that came here as a political asylum — as a refugee — and now they’re being sent to a country that they know nothing of?”

Chen Kong-Wick, sister of Rottanak Kong, who is scheduled to be deported from the US to Cambodia, according to National Public Radio.

“You cannot force one to adopt a democratic ideal. This is why the mirage of democracy exists in Cambodia. It is an adaptation to foreign pressure, giving outsiders what they want to see.”

Journalist Sebastian Strangio, according to the Asia Sentinel.

From Wednesday’s news roundup.

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