North Korean Envoy Ends Cambodia Visit

North Korean Foreign Min­ister Paek Nam Son on Monday ended a three-day visit to Cam­bodia with agreements on both sides to boost trade cooperation and technology transfers, Cam­bod­ian officials said.

“We will further discuss the transfer of technology from North Korea, and Cambodia has re­sources useful to Korea in re­turn,” Foreign Minister Hor Nam­hong told reporters at Pochentong Airport, according to Agence France-Presse.

The move follows an agreement made Sunday between the two foreign ministers for Cam­bod­ia and North Korea to ex­change trade delegations. No dates were given for either initiative.

In a meeting with Prime Min­ister Hun Sen at the Council of Ministers shortly before his departure, Paek Nam Son ex­pressed his surprise at the “re­markable success Cambodia has had in bringing about peace and economic development,” Hun Sen spokesman Eang Sophalleth told reporters after the meeting.

The visiting dignitary also praised Cambodia for reemerging on the world’s diplomatic stage after the end of civil war in 1998.

Paek Nam Son was slated to return to Pyongyang, ending a regional tour that included an Asean ministerial meeting.












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