Nonprofit’s mission: ending the slaughter of dogs for meat in Cambodia

Four Paws seeks to give those involved other ways to earn a living.

When Boomer, a medium-size mutt with brown fur and big eyes landed at Logan Airport in December, people smiled and poked their fingers through the front bars of his kennel. It was a far cry from the rusted rebar cage in rural Cambodia where he spent the last few years. During that time, many other dogs came and went, each keeping Boomer company for a short period until they were pulled out and killed in front of him.

Boomer — along with another dog — were the cage’s first occupants when farmer Kheav Chan moved to the Takeo region of Cambodia to open a restaurant that served the animals as food — usually roasted or served in soups and curries. Boomer and his companion were spared because Chan believed them to be good luck.

Fortunately for Boomer and the other dog, every time Chan’s supply of dogs dwindled, someone came along with more to sell him.

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