No Summons For Rainsy, Gov’t States

The Ministry of Information on Wednesday denied that the Phnom Penh Municipal Court has a plan to summon Sam Rain­sy to answer questions.

The brief statement, aired on privately owned Bayon Radio, also slammed “rumors” about the whereabouts of Maha Gho­sa­nanda. Associates of the sup­reme patriarch say they have not heard from the monk since mid-August and worry for his safety.

“This propaganda…is staged intentionally to poison the social atmosphere, slander and defame the government and eliminate people’s confidence,” the an­noun­­cer said.

Court officials this week confirmed that court summonses have been issued for Sam Rainsy and two other opposition acti­vists, but none have been successfully delivered.

The government statement said it had not “not arrested a single monk” and that “the court has no plan to summon Sam Rainsy to show up at court.”

Rights workers and political ana­lysts have said legal threats are being used to try to pres­sure Funcinpec and Sam Rainsy Party parliamentarians to cooperate with the CPP.

The opposition activists are under investigation for alleged crimes against state property, incitement to cause crimes and incitement to cause racial hatred that leads to violence.


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