No love for foreign trainees?

Many foreigners who come to Japan as technical trainees face harsh working conditions. There are currently about 328,000, and they're expected to acquire specific skills in construction, agriculture or other fields before being returning to their home country. In some cases, these trainees are not allowed to interact with people outside their workplaces or get married.

Thirty-year-old Samean Keo is a technical trainee from Cambodia. She came to Japan two years ago to learn sewing techniques. Keo is in a relationship with a man she met in Japan. When she told her employer that she wants to marry her partner, she got an unexpected reaction. She says, “The company president told me I wasn’t allowed to get married. I was told the company would no longer be able to employ me, and that I would have to return to Cambodia.”

According to Japanese law, trainees can continue their internship regardless of their marital status, but the company laid her off.

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