No Bail for Teens Arrested After Factory Clashes

Two teenagers charged with intentional acts of violence, damage to public property and insulting public officials in clashes with police during a demonstration by SL Garment Factory workers last month were denied bail Monday.

The suspects, 14-year-old Meas Non and 17-year-old Vanny Vanan, were charged by the court last month after the clashes, during which police shot dead one innocent bystander and wounded several others.

“We are shocked that the Phnom Penh Municipal Court would refuse bail to the two boys despite assurances by their families that they would return to the court if needed,” Licadho director Naly Pilorge said in a message Monday.

“Why is the Phnom Penh Municipal Court detaining such young boys with no evidence when a woman was shot dead and several injured by bullets from police, and no police have been prosecuted?” Ms. Pilorge asked.

Ms. Pilorge said that Chin Lyda, a lawyer co-representing the teenagers along with a lawyer from the Cambodian Legal Education Center was informed by a court clerk on Friday that the investigating judge had withheld bail for the teenagers.

A trial date has not been set.

To date, the authorities have failed to arrest any officials in connection with the shootings of civilians during the clash.

(Additional reporting by Mech Dara)

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