No Action Yet On Unlawful Dismissals

The mineral-water maker Mo­dern Plastic and Packaging Co has refused to rehire 83 workers who were unlawfully fired after they created a union, a Ministry of Labor official said.

Chhoun Vanny, vice president of the union, said the maker of Ozone water fired 10 union representatives, including her, in late November when the Ministry of Labor officially ac­know­ledged the union’s registration.

An additional 73 workers who protested the firing by organizing a six-day strike were also fired, she said.

“MPP so far has fired many workers without following the labor code,” she said.

Several negotiations with management have been unsuccessful, she said. “They should rehire all the fired workers.”

After overseeing negotiations between workers and management, the ministry’s Labor In­spec­tion Department recommended the company rehire three elected union leaders and the other 73 workers.

The remaining seven un­elected union representatives should file a complaint with the municipal court, labor inspector In Khemara said.

“I alone can no longer mediate the dispute because MPP doesn’t agree with our recommendations,” he said.

In Khmera said he has urged Labor Minister Ith Sam Heng to issue an order requiring the company to follow the ministry’s recommendations.

“Ac­cording to the labor law, the company will be fined if it would not follow the ministry’s resolution proposal to rehire them.”

Company officials could not be reached for comment Tues­day. A guard at the factory on National Route 2 refused to allow entrance and said MPP’s country manager Sam Keat is in Thailand.

Fired union representatives said the company has fired a total of 40 workers, as employees have repeatedly demanded an increase in the $38 per month salary.



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