Nguon Soeur Advocates Solitary CPP Rule

Suggests Change Of Constitution

Khmer Citizen’s Party Presi­dent Nguon Soeur said Monday  the CPP should form a government on its own if Funcinpec refuses to join a coalition.

“I want Funcinpec and the Cam­bodian People’s Party to form a new government….But also CPP should lead if Funcin­pec doesn’t want to work with CPP,” Nguon Soeur said at a press conference at KCP headquarters.

The press conference was later aired in full on Apsara TV and radio and Bayon TV and radio.

He implied that the Con­stitution should be changed to allow a government to be formed with 51 percent of the National Assembly members. The Con­stitution now mandates that at least two-thirds of the National Assembly is needed.

Nguon Soeur’s call came as opposition parties held public demonstrations for the second consecutive day and reiterated their vow to not form a government unless electoral complaints are investigated.

Nguon Soeur said the CPP could legitimately change the Constitution and rule on its own because foreign governments and international ob­server groups have approved the July 26 polls.

Preliminary results—being contested by the opposition—have CPP winning 64 of the Na­tional Assembly’s 122 seats.

Nguon Soeur is a former steering committee member of both Prince Norodom Ranariddh’s Funcinpec party and Sam Rain­sy’s first party, the Khmer Nation Party. Nguon Soeur is now al­­­igned with the CPP.

Second Prime Minister Hun Sen, the CPP vice president, warned three days after the polls that the Constitution could be changed so that a simple majority is required to form the government, rather than two-thirds.

But political and legal analysts have said such a change is unrealistic because Hun Sen would need the support of many Funcin­pec members to carry it out. According to Article 132 of the Con­stitution, changes need the support of two-thirds of the Na­tional Assembly.

When the Constitution was adopted in 1993, shortly after the Untac elections, it was the CPP that insisted on a two-thirds ma­jority to approve the government in order to prevent Fun­cinpec and the Buddhist Liberal Dem­ocratic Party from forming a government with 50 percent.

Nguon Soeur also cautioned Prince Ranariddh ag­ainst following Sam Rainsy.

“Prince Norodom Ranariddh is not following the national interest, he should rethink this matter properly before following Sam Rainsy,” Nguon Soeur said.

The prince should obey his father, King Norodom Sihanouk, Nguon Soeur said, adding that he believes the King will eventually request the prince to join the new government.



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