NGO Worker Goes Missing, Foul Play Feared

A veteran staffer at an NGO disappeared without a trace this week, and his co-workers fear he has been robbed and kidnapped.

In Samoeun, a 44-year-old logistics manager for Rehab Craft Cambodia, was last seen on Monday. He left the office to perform errands, including the collection of more than $2,400 in donations for the NGO.

Rehab Craft Cambodia works with disabled Cambo­dians, producing high-quality craft products of silk and leather. The organization’s main outlet, Apsara Shop, is located near the Inde­pen­dence Monument.

“We have been checking every hospital, police station and military hospital in the area,” said Marilyn Garson, an adviser to the NGO. “If anybody has seen him or knows anything about his whereabouts we hope they would contact us immediately.”

Garson said In Samoeun has worked for the organization since 1997 in positions “of trust” and that it is extremely unlikely that he took the money and ran. “We have heard that it is not uncommon for robbers to take victims who are injured or killed outside of Phnom Penh to delay discovery of their crime,” Garson said.

In Samoeun’s wife, five children and grandchildren have spent the last several days at the NGO waiting for word. Co-work­ers and family have been to the police at least three times, but the police have not produced any suspects. When asked about the case Wednesday, police said they had never heard of it. “We have not received a complaint,” said Meas Sarith, deputy police chief for Tuol Kok district, where the NGO headquarters is located. “We will go to visit his house.”


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