New Rules for Cyclos, Motos

Uniforms for Cyclo Drivers, Helmets on Motorbikes Required

Phnom Penh Governor Chea Sophara’s crusade for safer streets continues, with strict new rules for cyclo and motorcycle drivers alike.

Chea Sophara wants a cleaner, more sober image of the cyclo drivers on his streets, according to a directive he signed in mid-January. The directive mandates cyclo drivers wear grey uniforms, be between the ages of 18 and 55, and not smoke or drink alcohol while they drive through Phnom Penh’s oft-crowded streets.

“I don’t have money to buy the uniform,” 52-year-old cyclo driver Tra Von complained on Monday when told about the directive. “I don’t even have enough to support the rice pot.”

Other restrictions for cyclos include a no-racing policy, a limit on the number of passengers (one adult and one child, maximum), and a 100-kg weight limit.

As for motorcycle drivers, the  governor’s new directive says anyone riding a moto should wear a helmet and only two people are allowed on one moto. It also says no one under 16 can drive a moto, and that those aged 16 to 18 can only drive small motos with an engine size 100 cubic centimeters or smaller.

And drivers of motorcycles can no longer travel three abreast, the directive says.

It was unclear Monday what fines are in store for those who violate the new directive. Chea Sophara said he will not implement a fine system until April 1. Now is just a period of education, he said.

The governor’s directive is being broadcast on television and radio and passed by word of mouth through  policemen to make sure Phnom Penh’s motorists know the rules.











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