New Phones For Takhmau

Telephone users in Takhmau town, Kandal province, will finally be able to call Phnom Penh and overseas, thanks to a new phone exchange and tower. 

The new exchange, with a capacity for 1,000 lines, will go on line Wednesday, said Chris Ma­loy, manager of Telstra operations in Cambodia.

Antiquated equipment previously in use collapsed about a year ago, he said, leaving residents of the town—except for those with cell phones—unable to call anywhere outside of Takh­mau. With the upgraded equipment and a new tower, phone users will be able to call Phnom Penh and abroad, as well as gain access the Internet, Maloy ex­plained.

“It was an area we identi­fied…as one that needed work,” said Maloy, noting that British Amer­ican Tobacco and numerous garment manufacturers have operations in the area.

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