New Health Center Claims to Cure Cancer Through Detox

An unconventional new health center in Chamkar Mon district is claiming to be able to cure Cambodians of cancer and diabetes using only “detoxifying treatments” such as a thin, gray mat that emits magnetic vibrations.

The Immanuel Bicom True Healing center, which opened about three months ago and will celebrate its grand opening on Saturday, claims to treat the “root cause” of serious diseases by using detoxifying devices that patients can buy for up to $6,000.

Immanuel Bicom’s owner, Helena Kun Lim, a Christian who says she received a calling from God to open the center, says that all diseases are caused by toxins present in our air, water or food.

“This is holistic, natural healing center, and our clients do not need any surgery,” Ms. Lim said, adding that her philosophy was that the human body can heal itself from diabetes and cancer, which she said is caused by a fungus, as long as these toxins are eliminated through treatments.

The detoxifying devices Ms. Lim sells help purify air, water and food before consumption, she said, demonstrating how she detoxifies raw chicken by putting it in a bowl of water along with a small, pen-shaped device that began vibrating when she flipped a switch, producing a frenzy of bubbles.

Immanuel Bicom’s detoxifying machines cost between $59 for a car detoxifier and $4,200 for an air detoxifier. The center also sells a thin, gray mat known as an “intelligent magnetic resonance stimulation” device for $6,000.

Yung Danika, 53, said she sought treatment at Immanuel Bicom for her hepatitis and received a mixture of detox treatments and sessions on the magnetic resonance mat, at a cost of $50.

“When we go to Immanuel, we don’t need medicine. We just use this machine,” she said. Now Ms. Danika says her symptoms have improved, and she is treating her 4-year-old daughter’s anemia in the same way.

The center is not licensed by the Ministry of Health, Ms. Lim admitted, but said that this was because it is a sales-based business that is registered with the Commerce Ministry.

While conceding that her machines and treatments can be expensive, Ms. Lim said it is impossible to put a price on health, especially given that her machines can cure cancer.

“There’s nothing scary about cancer. It’s very common and you just have to replace acetic [acid] with alkaline and the tumor will shrink and go away,” Ms. Lim said.

The center claims to have successfully treated about 20 patients since September, but experts said Monday that they had their doubts about the efficacy of detox treatments, especially for patients suffering from diseases such as cancer.

“If you already develop cancer then treatment is either chemotherapy, surgery or radiotherapy, depending on the individual case,” Dr. Khim Sam Ath, technical officer for noncommunicable disease at the World Health Organization, said.

“The main treatments are those three. There are no alternatives,” he said.

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