New Dry Port Pays Deposit, Set to Open

A $20-million dry port appears finally ready to open, after months of delays caused by government demands for a hefty cash deposit.

The deputy director of the Cambodia-CWT Dry Port, Nong Soyet, said CWT Distribution ag­reed in early June to pay the government a $100,000 deposit.

The port, on Route 4 outside of Phnom Penh, will open following today’s signing at the Hotel Sofitel Cambodiana of an agreement with the customs department, the company an­nounced Thurs­day.

According to Sihanoukville port officials, the government earlier this year asked for a $250,000 de­posit, which was not called for in the initial contract. Officials said the deposit was re­quired to protect the government from losing tax revenue if goods were to go missing during transport between Sihanoukville and the dry port, where they would clear customs.


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