New Decree Bans Heavy Vehicles From Angkor

The Apsara Authority, the government agency managing Ang­kor Archaeological Park, has issued a directive that will restrict heavy ve­hicles from entering the park, ac­cording to a copy of the directive ob­­tained Monday.

As of Nov 1, trucks weighing more than 20 tons will not be al­lowed to travel through or park inside the park, according to the directive signed on Aug 11 by Bun Narith, director general of the Ap­sara Authority.

An “excessive number of vehicles is unacceptable for ancient in­frastructure” the directive cites as a reason for the ban, adding that “emission and vibration” caused by vehicles could damage the temples.

The excessive number of vehicles in the park is also blocking the view for tourists, the directive adds.

Also as of Nov 1, taxis carrying people other than tourists and tourist buses with more than 24 seats will not be allowed to enter or cross through the walled city of Angkor Thom, according to the directive.

Trucks loaded with soil or timber, or trucks that are 2 meters wide or 3 meters high and weighing more than 3 tons will also be bar­red from driving through the Angkor Thom section of the park, the directive states.

Some vehicles will be exempted from the ban.

These include buses of delegates permitted by Apsara Authority; trucks transporting ma­terials to restoration sites permitted by Apsara; trucks of teams working on temple restoration, as well as garbage trucks and fire trucks.

Eat Meng, manager of Neak Kra­hom travel company’s Siem Reap branch, said he would follow the directive but he feared the ban would irritate tourists since they will have to switch vehicles at the gates of  Angkor Thom.

His company will transfer tour­ists from buses to minibuses to take them through the Angkor Thom gate, and have buses wait for them at the other gate, he said.


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