New Airport In Ratanakkiri Considered

The province of Rat­anakkiri needs a kickstart for tour­ism, ac­cording to officials, and a new airport might an answer.

A master plan for tour­ism is currently being examined by an inter-ministry commission, which will pass it on to the Coun­cil of Min­isters for passage. An airport is a priority in the plan. The current airport is a dirty strip.

Ratanakkiri province First Gov­ernor Van Chhun Ly took some Japanese businessmen to a possible site 14 km north of Ban­lung town in Kalai com­mune, O’Chum district. They said if a stu­dy showed an international airport had potential, they would help the government make a proposal to the Japanese government.

Keo Sophal, of Civil Aviation, called the trip a preliminary visit. “I don’t think they will come up with airport plans right now,” he said. “They just came and took a look first.”


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