NEC Threatens Legal Action for Unpaid Fines

The National Election Com­mittee is threatening legal action against two people who have not paid fines levied against them during the run-up to the July 27th general elections, NEC Legal Service Department Director Keo Phalla said Thursday.

CPP member Chheoun Sina, of Trapaing Reng village in Kompong Cham province, was fined 5 million riel (about $1,250) for allegedly beating Funcinpec activists at a campaign rally.

Meng Ritha, senator and dep­uty secretary-general for the Sam Rainsy Party, incurred a similar fine after being accused by Kep Third Deputy Governor Sam Sarin of disturbing a CPP rally.

The deadline for payment is Nov 30, Keo Phalla said; if Meng Ritha and Chheoun Sina do not pay their fines by Dec 30, the NEC will file complaints against them in court.

“[Chheoun Sina] is not rich; I don’t know if he has the money to pay the fine,” said Kompong Cham Provincial Election Com­mittee Deputy Director Mang Meng Houn. It is likely that CPP officials in the district will figure out a way to assist him, Mang Meng Houn added.

Meng Ritha, on the other hand, maintains his innocence. “I won’t pay the fine because I am not wrong,” he said Thurs­day. He also said he would ap­pear if the NEC summons him to court.

A third person, Kampong Pra­hok village Chief Phnom Chan, who was fined 5 million riel for using the wake of his river boat to swamp the craft of Fun­cinpec officials who were traveling by river in Battambang prov­ince, paid the fine last week, Keo Phalla said.


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