NEC Says More Than 90 Percent Registered

As of Monday, more than 70 percent of the estimated total of newly eligible voters had registered for the upcoming July 27 polls, National Election Commit­tee Secretary-General Tep Nitha said Monday.

But the NEC-granted registration-period extension will now cause an awkwardly staggered schedule for the next step on the electoral calendar, he said.

Some 1,107,252 out of an NEC-estimated 1,559,000 newly eligible voters, or 71 percent, are now on of­ficial voting lists. That brings the percentage of all eligible voters who have registered to 92.3 percent, according to NEC documents.

Tep Nitha said many people have taken advantage of the ex­tension of the voter registration period granted by the NEC last Tuesday. Registration was originally scheduled to end last Satur­day but was prolonged nationwide by two to five days, depending on the commune.

Because of those extensions, the next step in the electoral calendar—in which official lists of voters are posted and complaints can be brought for 30 days—will also have to be pushed back, Tep Nitha said.

This 30-day posting period was originally scheduled to begin Wednesday, four days after the original end of registration. Now it will begin four days after the end of registration, which is different in different communes.

Tep Nitha said the NEC has not yet decided whether the next step in the election preparation pro­cess—the final posting of voter lists, originally scheduled for April 27—will also be pushed back.



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