NEC Announces Guidelines For Election Polling Officials

The National Election Com­mittee has released its guidelines and timetable for selecting the officials who will work the polling stations in Cambodia’s 1,621 communes during the Feb 3 commune elections.

A news release issued by the NEC stated it would be advertising the positions and registering applicants from Jan 18 to Jan 22. On Jan 23, the NEC will examine the applications, reducing the can­didate pool, the release stated.

The committee will then spend two days interviewing potential officials. The committee is seeking one poll station chief and one sub-chief per commune. Lower level “members” will also be hired. All polling officials will be hired by Jan 26, at which time they will recite a pledge and re­ceive identification cards.

The new hires will receive five full days of employment. They will receive two days of training in the days leading up to the election.

Officials will administer the polling stations on election day, register voters, take fingerprints and submit voting materials and ballots to the NEC.

Poll station chiefs will be paid 100,000 riel (about $25) while sub-chiefs will earn 80,000 riel (about $20), and lower ranking members of the teams will re­ceive 60,000 riel (about $15).


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