Nearly 100 Garment Workers Faint in Separate Incidents

Ninety-one workers at two garment factories in Phnom Penh’s Pur Senchey district fainted at work Wednesday, a local official said.

One fainting incident took place at the Yu Wi factory, where 20 workers had also fainted on Tuesday afternoon.

On Wednesday, an additional 31 fainted, according to district governor Hem Darith. He attributed the collapses to fumes from freshly painted walls at the factory.

“The workers at Yu Wi factory will not be allowed to work until the paint fumes have gone away,” Mr. Darith said.

At the San Chov factory, 61 workers passed out on the factory floor Wednesday morning and were sent to a private hospital for treatment.

Mr. Darith attributed the fainting to the fact that the workers overindulged in food and drink at a party they attended the previous night.

“They fainted because they drank beer and danced until late last night,” he said.

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