Navy rescued Cambodian man floating at sea for 2 days

While garbage in the sea is generally not a good thing, floating debris appears to have saved the life of a Cambodian man in the Gulf of Thailand off the coast of Rayong. The man was rescued today by the Royal Thai Navy after 2 days adrift at sea, clinging to debris, after falling off his fishing boat yesterday morning.

“We Care, We Protect Squad” is the team of the Royal Thai Navy First Area Command that spotted and rescued the Cambodian man floating in the sea off the coast of Rayong Bay. He spoke little Thai and had no identification card, so officials had trouble getting a lot of information from the man. He said that he was on a fishing boat named “Chock Pawin Chai” when he fell overboard.

The man said he survived the ordeal by hanging on to floating debris over the course of 2 days until the Royal Thai Navy pulled him from the sea and rescued him. The Navy has reached out to his employers who own the fishing boat to try to get details on what occurred as they investigate the incident further.

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