Navy Officer Allegedly Beats Karaoke Woman Because of Slow Song

Koh Kong Provincial Court will investigate a complaint from a karaoke parlor owner who said she was beaten unconscious by a Royal Cambodian Navy officer on Sunday night in Khemara Phoumint City’s Smach Meanchey commune, a court official said yesterday.

“The court has not issued an arrest warrant for the suspect,” Deputy Prosecutor Srey Makny said, adding that the court may do so after the investigation.

Karaoke parlor owner Sok Pheara accused the navy officer, identified only as Moeurn, of striking her on the left temple with his fist and knocking her unconscious while drinking at her karaoke establishment, according to Mr Makny.

“I was unconscious and taken for treatment,” Ms Pheara said of the attack, which was prompted when she changed the music from fast to slow, angering the sailor who was enjoy the brisk dancing.

Ms Pheara added that she is asking for $10,000 in compensation because Moeurn said he would pay that sum to her family after he killed her.

“I will ask for $10,000 in compensation from him because he said that while he was attacking me,” she explained.

Moeurn could not be reached for comment yesterday.

Soem Seng, deputy provincial police chief, said Moeurn was a lieutenant colonel with the navy, but this was denied by Thma Baing district military police Captain Tak Sin Siyeth, who was with Moeurn during the alleged assault in the karaoke parlor.

“The man known as Moeurn is not the navy officer,” Capt Sin Siyeth claimed. “He is a fisherman in Koh Kong province.”

Captain Sin Siyeth acknowledged Moeurn hit Ms Pheara.

“I asked him to say sorry to the girls and asked them not to file the complaint,” he said.

In Kong Cheat, provincial coordinator for Licadho, said he will write a letter to the provincial court requesting action against the officer.

The alleged attack was a “case of serious human abuse” and the “victim still has marks and wounds on her ear, he said.

Mr Kong Cheat also questioned why the military police captain, Sin Siyeth, didn’t stop the assault on the woman.

Tea Vinh, commander of the Cambodian navy, could not be reached for comment yesterday.


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