Nat’l Assembly Passes Domestic Violence Law Passed at Assembly

Female politicians heaved a sigh of relief and a male Fun­cin­pec lawmaker grumbled when the long-awaited and much-debated domestic violence law was ap­proved by the votes of 88 lawmakers in the National Assembly on Fri­day.

Minister of Women’s Affairs Ing Kantha Phavy thanked lawmakers and said the law would pre­vent violence and help victims.  She added that the law must now be effectively enforced.

CPP lawmaker Ho Naun, who is also chairwoman of the As­sem­bly’s health, social affairs, labor and women’s affairs committee, ap­pealed for a nationwide awareness campaign before the law is enforced, and said that the law is not a ma­jor threat to Khmer family tradition.

“The domestic violence prevention and victim law is not going to make too much revolution in the way of Khmer family living,” she said.

Funcinpec lawmaker Monh Sa­phann said that despite his vote for the law to be passed, he was un­satisfied with the particulars of the law and feared it could worsen rifts in Cambodian families.

“It’s our common goal to prevent violence, but I was just not hap­py with some points,” he said, adding that the law would make it impossible for a husband and wife to reach a compromise outside the court.


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