National Police Commissioner Warns Against Rebels Crossing Borders

In an apparent reference to Sam Rainsy and his supporters, Commissioner General of National Police Neth Savoeun has demanded vigilance along the borders to prevent “malicious people” from entering Cambodia.

Commissioner General of National Police Neth Savoeun on Sept. 23 ordered the police force along Cambodia’s borders to remain vigilant against the threat of malicious people attempting to enter the country and cause unrest and insecurity.

Savoeun claimed that rebel groups would never give up their goal of destroying what he called the legitimate government, so by not allowing them to come in, they won’t be able to destroy the well-being of the people.

The commissioner’s remarks were made at the appointment ceremony held for Battambang’s new Provincial Police Commissioner Sat Kimsan. Savoeun warned Kimsan to prevent any attempt to destabilize the people, particularly he emphasized the threat posed by rebels without naming them.

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