National Geographic Deems Angkor Temples a ‘Must See’

National Geographic Traveler magazine has named the Angkor temples in Siem Reap as one of the 50 “must see” places in the world.

The magazine divided up the “must see” places into different categories: urban spaces, paradise, countryside, wild places and monuments. Angkor fell under monuments.

Local tourism officials are working with donors to revamp the Angkor temple area, especially to prepare for the millennium celebration to be held there at the end of this year.

Officials claim they will be ready for up to 30,000 tourists during the three days of festivities. Fireworks and traditional dance performances are among the scheduled events.

Other “must see” monuments named by National Geographic are the Great Wall of China and Vatican City.

Some other regional sites that were named are the trip from Danang to Hue in Vietnam and the coral reefs of Papua New Guinea.

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