National Assembly Staff Waiting for Bonuses

Some staff members of the National Assembly’s secretariat general’s office are complaining they have not received their an­nual bonus for last year.

The staff members, who usually receive between $15 and $26 in bonuses, say they did not re­ceive any information about their payment. One staff member, who earns about $31 a month, said he can’t feed his family and the annual bonus is a big help for him.

“My wife and children expect this money to support their needs,” he said.

Another staff member said his salary is small and the bonus helps. “From the outside, the Na­tional Assembly looks nice and dignified,” he said. “But in­side, there is disorder.”

Assembly financial chief Mit Karen said Wednesday the na­tional treasury hasn’t dispersed the funds yet. He noted that other government officials haven’t even re­ceived their salaries.

“It is late because the national treasury hasn’t provided it to us yet,” he said. “We did not keep it  or purposely delay it.”

Besides, Mit Karen said, the bonus is not that big of an issue, because the Assembly staff is co­n­­­tinuing its work. He said the staff will get their bonus as soon as it becomes available.

Mit Karen also said he didn’t see why the secretariat general staff was complaining, when they receive a higher salary than other government employees.

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