Music Videos With an Environmental Message

A soon-to-be released 2007 national survey of Cambodians and their perception of global warming revealed that 59 percent of those questioned have heard the term “climate change.”

A new DVD released Monday by the French organization Renew­able Energy, Environment and Solidarity Group, or Geres, which conducted the survey, aims to help even more Cambodians learn about global warming—a term often used interchangeably with climate change—by listening to music.

The DVD, “Climate Change Songs,” seeks to teach the general public about what global warming is, its negative effects and ways to mitigate climate change—all through three songs dedicated to the topic.

“Many people like songs,” said Nop Polin, climate change communication officer with Geres Cambodia.

The lyrics of the three songs featured on the DVD, which are sung in Khmer, take the form of a dialogue between a man and a wo­man discussing climate change.

The lyrics can be read in subtitles in three music videos created to accompany the songs.

The videos show images of natural disasters and environmental technology, such as solar panel technology.

With such titles as “Global Warming” and “Impacts of Global Warming,” the songs attempt to explain the causes and effects of greenhouse gas emissions and how these emissions are causing an increase in the planet’s surface temperature and the occurrence of extreme weather, including floods and cyclones.

The third song, “Responses to Climate Change Together,” suggests ways to mitigate climate change, such as reducing water consumption and sharing modes of transportation.

Nop Polin said Geres Cambodia plans to distribute the DVD free of charge to university students, NGOs that deal with climate change issues and to TV and radio stations so the message will reach the general public.

Geres Cambodia is working with the Ministry of Environment to raise awareness about climate change among Cambodians, he said.

Prach Sun, secretary of state with the Ministry of Environ­ment, said the ministry has been working with UN agencies and other organizations to implement national projects related to climate change, including raising awareness on greenhouse gas emissions.

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