Murdered Moneylender’s Body Found in Siem Reap

The body of a 27-year-old moneylender who went missing in Siem Reap City was found in the Siem Reap River on Friday morning, local police said Sunday.

The body of Van Vireak was wrapped in a mat and partially weighed down with a large rock, and authorities are treating his death as a murder case, according to Duong Sokha, chief of the provincial penal police.

Mr. Sokha said the victim went missing on Wednesday afternoon after he left his house to collect an interest payment from a customer in Slakram commune.

“Witnesses reported that they saw him drive a motorbike to demand interest from someone in the commune, but no one saw him go back home,” he said.

Although police are looking for a suspect among Van Vireak’s debtors, they do not yet have any firm leads, Mr. Sokha said.

“We believe the suspect used a hard object to hit the victim in the head until he died, then used a mat to cover his body and tied a big stone to his legs,” he said, adding that a second person may have helped dispose of the body.

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