MPs Mull Worker Benefits

The National Assembly debated the country’s first ever worker-benefit legislation on Monday, a law that would allow private-sector employees to receive “social insurance” from employers if they pay monthly dues and re­turn a percentage of their salaries.

Many lawmakers and officials praised the proposal even though many details of the law were not an­nounced, such as the percentage of monthly salary that would be retained by em­ployers.

“This law is very important because it will ensure social insurance for private sector workers,” Labor Minister Ith Sam Heng said. “This law will be a great contribution to the interest of workers and economic balances.”

The law, drafted and proposed by the Labor Ministry, will create a “social security fund” to provide life, health and unemployment in­surance to workers who pay a portion of their paycheck to their employers, Ith Sam Heng said.

Many people choose to work in government because it provides some cash assistance when workers die or get injured.

“With the insurance as stated in this law, people will feel as protected as they would if they worked in government,” Ith Sam Heng said.

Funcinpec lawmaker Keo Re­my praised the proposed law but said it should state what percentage of employees’ salaries is to be deducted. Government should set a minimum wage for all workers, he said.


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