Most Family-Friendly Country? This Couple and Their Son Found It in Cambodia

This couple found an environment that is ideal for their family a thousand miles from home.

Nothing is as life-changing as having a baby. When Gabriel Serif was born in 2009 to college sweethearts Camille, a marketing professional in a publishing company, and Gabriel Mark, or Borky, an art director, the couple had to rethink their future.

“We lived in Malolos, Bulacan and were both working in Manila. Every day, we had to travel for about 2-3 hours to get to the office. We had no time for our son because he would still be sleeping when we leave in the morning, and already asleep when we get home. Renting a house near our workplace was not an option because we did not want our son to grow up in a polluted and congested place,” says Camille. And while she and Borky didn’t actually plan on leaving the country, somehow fate played a hand in it. “Borky got a job offer with higher pay in Cambodia, so we thought of giving it a try,” she adds.

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